Alyson Williams

Alyson Williams/ First Lady Of Def Jam/ Joins as #WeR1 Spokesperson-Host

The first R & B artist ever signed to the Def Jam label by Russell Simmons was Alyson Williams. Her record ” Just Call My Name” stayed on the Billboard charts over 67 weeks. She is referred to as The First Lady of Def Jam. Alyson Williams is the host/ spokesperson for the official Women Empowerment Movement, and the #WE movement. She is now the TV host of the new weekly TV series, #WeR1 Concerts, aired globally on Friday nights on The NOW Network, now broadcast to over 75 countries and 150 million people including most of Africa.Network

TheĀ  1980’s R&B male icon, Alexander O’Neal, who sold out Wembley Arena 6 times, has signed on as the male host, so Alexander and Alyson, our “A” Team, are the celebrity hosts both for the TV show(s) and for the series of global virtual concerts.

#WeR1 is the world’s largest virtual concert and Alyson Williams and Alexander O’Neal are the celebrity hosts.

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