CMA #MickeyGuyton FIRST #WE Award Winner

CMA country vocalist #Mickey Guyton will receive the first inaugural #WE Award from the Women Empowerment Movement in a special TV tribute episode on Aug. 7 of #WeR1 on The NOW Network.

Mickey Guyton has had several hits, including a national #1 hit back in 2015 with ” Better Than You Left Me”, and toured with country superstar, Brad Paisley, on his 2015 world tour. She hit the male- oriented glass ceiling in country music, but in the past year has made great inroads nationally as a national spokesperson speaking out for women equality in country music.

Mickey Guyton is a black female country singer so she faces restrictions and inequalities on 2 fronts.

But in recent months, she has been highlighted on major TV shows like CBS This Morning, CMT, Entertainment Tonight(Canada), etc. She has released several powerful and emotional new singles off a much anticipated new album. These songs are getting lots of attention, like ” Black Like Me”, ” What Are You Gonna Tell Here” and ” Heaven Down Here”. She is inspiring hundreds of thousands and her message is perfectly timed and resonating, in lieu of the George Floyd media outbreaks.

#WE, the Women Empowerment Movement, is dedicating its August 7 episode of #WeR1 as a special 30 minute tribute to #MickeyGuyton. R & B icon, Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam, is the host of #WE and will be formally announcing the award on that August 7 episode.


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