#WeR1 To Be A Quarterly Series of Virtual Concerts

#WE announces that its’ #WeR1 virtual concerts will be a quarterly series held 4 times a year , with different themes and purposes.

The pilot launching, the first concert, will be held July 3-5 over the 4th of July weekend, and will emanate from a few different cities including Detroit ( Motor City) and San Francisco. Motor City’s hottest rising Indie pop artist, Kai Rose, will host a stable of artists from Detroit ” live” from Detroit, while Bay Area R & B artist, Cherronda G., will host her own Bay Area line-up from a studio in San Francisco. The 2 celebrity #WeR1 hosts, R & B icons, Alexander O’Neal and Alyson Williams, will host from their respective home cities; Alyson Williams from NYC, and Alexander O’Neal from London.

The July broadcast will partially benefit the military veteran charities HirePatriots/PatrioticHearts, founded by pastor-couple , Mark & Tori Baird, for the purposes of securing jobs for our veterans. They have secured over 150,000 jobs for vets and been awarded the Presidential Award by both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. #WeR1 is laboring to donate 40% of all its TV commercials to Hire Patriots/ PatrioticHearts from this virtual event.

#WeR1 wants to be a United Way of causes, so to speak, in the way it uses and employs these virtual concerts, as with space for over 1,140 TV commercials , #WeR1 can give a hefty segment of that to several causes / charities, to use either as a telethon space ( a la PBS style), or  for the  causes to sell (and monetize themselves with the incomes), or use the commercials to drive people to their sites.

A second #WeR1 is being planned for The Islands ( Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, The Bahamas) for Labor Day weekend. The plan is to do an improved bigger & better telecast each time, growing as it goes.


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